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Hi, we are Digifull: Eating, Drinking, and Breathing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With hundreds of successes under our belt, we have the confidence to say that when you decide to work with us – your business will flourish in a big way!

A team of 125 employees, led by our CEO, Asael Dreyer, will ensure that your website carves its niche and generates the leads and deals that will drive your business forward!

Before you pick up the phone and schedule a meeting, we’d appreciate it if you could learn about us and the process. Everything you need to make an informed decision can be found on this page.

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עשהאל דרייר

What would you like to know?

How Can We Help You

If you have a business of this kind that already has awareness of the services/products you offer – you’re in the right place with us! We’ll position your website as an authority in its field so that when people search for something related to the niche your site is involved in, it will appear among the top results on Google. We achieve this through thorough and continuous work. You’ll be part of the process (primarily through basic collaboration, leaving the hard work to us!) and enjoy new deals every month!

Build and design a website for you

If you don't have a website, we'll take care of building and designing one for you that looks professional and encourages your visitors to contact you, and make transactions.

Write and insert quality content

Your personal project manager, alongside you, will formulate a list of services and topics for which you'd like to receive inquiries. For each one, we'll create a professional and comprehensive article that will be featured on the website.

The website will generate leads

Month by month, the number of leads is expected to grow. These inquiries will automatically enter the lead management system we provide you, allowing you to organize them systematically.

Leads will turn into transactions

You'll personally respond to each lead and mark it with an appropriate status in the lead management system. With such organized procedures, your business cycle is expected to significantly improve!

How the process works in practice

Get ready to feel like a king! We’re going to handle all the organic Google marketing work for you. You just need to receive the actual leads and translate them into deals. Starting from redesigning the website in a way that encourages visitors to leave their details or make purchases, to creating relevant content, building backlinks, and even centralizing all inquiries in a management software we’ll provide you at no extra cost. We even include automations for sending emails to clients who have reached out – it’s all part of the service!

Contract signing and kickoff call with a personal manager.
If necessary: website construction or redesign to meet Google's requirements.
Connecting the website to systems like Search Console, Google Analytics, and Rank Ranger.
Integrating the site with automations and lead management system.
Conducting comprehensive research on all services and content in the field.
Make a meeting about the research and get the client approval to move forward.
Writing new content every month, based on the best topics to generate leads and revenues.
Publishing content on the site and optimizing it for Google.
Building new backlinks each month.
Work on the website's speed optimization for better navigation.
Enhancing user experience for visitors on the site.
Adapting the site framework for optimal readability by Google.
Sending monthly reports.
Conducting a monthly Zoom meeting.

Our Customers

Why Us?

Results: Not almost, not about - 100% satisfied and profitable customers! Want to contact them? Just let us know.

We Do It All for You: You don't need to do anything except for basic collaboration.

Full Transparency: You can receive a well-organized work report immediately after each working session on the website, in addition to monthly reports.

No Commitment: We are confident you'll be satisfied, so there's no commitment, not for a year and not even for 2 months!

Automation: We take care of warming up leads for you by sending automatic SMS messages right when the customer contacts us.

Ready to Progress: Do you really need more reasons? It's time to take your business a step forward and initiate contact with us!

Lead Management System: With us, you'll receive a personalized, organized lead management system at no extra cost!

What is Organic SEO?

SEO on Google is a collective term for a range of actions required to create a significant online presence for a business’s website on Google’s organic section (not the paid results marked with the word “Ad”), so that anyone searching for terms related to that business can find it as quickly as possible.

For example, if the website in question deals with hardwood flooring, our goal would be to appear in the top results when users search on Google for phrases like: “installing hardwood floors”, “replacing hardwood flooring”, “how to replace home hardwood floors”, and more.

SEO with Digifull includes, among other things:


The 10 Most Important Parameters for Google

The 10 Most Important Parameters for SEO

Wow, there are so many parameters that influence a website’s rank on Google. How can we choose just 10? If we had to choose, here are the top parameters, those chosen by a pinch:

Quality Content

The content on the site needs to be high-quality, professional, accurate with facts and numbers, and written with perfect grammar.

User Intent Alignment

Each page on the site should revolve around a specific search query, leaving the reader without further questions.

External Links

The more referrals we get from reputable sites within our niche, the more traffic Google will direct to our site.

User Experience

Ensure the website is user-friendly to the extent that even a 5-year-old child or an adult can navigate it easily.


The site should speak “Google’s language” – there are over 100 parameters to focus on.

Hierarchy and Navigation

The site should be logically organized, from the broadest topics to the smallest, for easy navigation.

Loading Speed

Ensure the site loads within a few seconds so that users can navigate quickly and easily.

Meta Tags

Define appropriate titles and descriptions so Google knows how to display the site in search results.


The design should match the site’s character, convey credibility, and most importantly, drive action.


The site’s structure should be logical, guiding the desired message step by step.

Mini Guide for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process aimed at improving the brand’s visibility in search engine result pages for relevant search queries of users. When executed professionally, the brand’s website becomes a valuable asset that can consistently generate income for you. In practice, it involves a comprehensive set of actions that can be divided into three main families: strategic content management, optimization of the website and its various pages for search engines, and enhancing the site’s authority through various techniques. During our interaction, we will:

Manage your brand’s content strategy

Together, we will provide users with a reason to visit your website.

It’s crucial to remember that we operate in a competitive environment that keeps getting challenging day by day. With so many alternatives around, we need to find a way to bring quality customers specifically to your site. The way to do this is by creating real added value for the users. Here’s how we do it:

We will optimize the site for search engines

So that not only the readers will understand what the site is about, but also the search engines

In a structured, orderly and meticulous process, we will invest resources in making the necessary adjustments to the site and its various pages for display in the various search engines. The search engines are constantly changing the way they scan, index and present content on the web, and following their guidelines can help a lot in maximizing the capabilities of scanning and saving the content on the site, for the purpose of presenting it to surfers. These are the actions we will perform during the optimization phase:

We will improve the authority of the site

Because who among us does not prefer to turn to an authoritative body in his field of interest?

To improve the chances that the search engines will prefer to rank your website pages in the search results pages for relevant queries, we would like to invest resources in improving its authority on the web. How to improve the authority of a site? Here are the actions we will perform:

SEO price list

We have no salespeople, only experienced Search Engine Optimizers, the results speak for themselves!

1,500$ /month
2,000$ /month
2,800$ /month
3,600$ /month
  • You can cancel the contract / switch between the different packages at any given moment subject to giving at net 30 EOM.
  • Building a new website / a significant facelift – at a cost of NIS 7,000.
  • Promotion of another language – an addition of NIS 3,500.
  • If you are a customer of the company, you can purchase additional content at a cost of 30 NIS per word, and links at a cost of 200 NIS per link, in order to strengthen the site.
  • Payment by credit only and at the beginning of each working month.
  • For customers with larger needs – a wider package will be adjusted.
  • The prices do not include VAT.
Leave details to receive an offer for SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the place to read the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have an additional question not listed, you can contact us by phone and receive a quick and courteous response! Our number appears at the top of the website.

Immediate results can be achieved through Google Ads campaigns, but it’s important to consider that each inquiry will have a cost associated with it. There is no accumulated value here like in organic promotion. For example, if an inquiry costs $150, then it’s likely that in 3 years, that same inquiry will still cost around $150 or more. On the other hand, with organic promotion, the number of inquiries per month is expected to grow, while the monthly retainer cost doesn’t increase, leading to a decrease in the cost per inquiry. It’s possible that within two years, the cost per inquiry could be around $50 or even less for a high-quality inquiry, which is often better than inquiries from paid campaigns.


During the initial months, it’s possible to run both paid and organic campaigns simultaneously. When your organic promotion generates enough inquiries, you can consider turning off the paid campaigns.


Keep in mind that running a paid campaign alongside an organic campaign can be significantly costly. However, it’s the most effective approach that any serious business would choose.


A paid campaign includes management costs and can reach around $6,000 + VAT per month.

We do whatever it takes to make your website generate relevant inquiries with the highest possible chance of converting into transactions, even if it means putting up a sign with your business name on the street. We aren’t a website design studio, but it’s clear to us that without a good-looking website, one that encourages visitors to easily get in touch, it’s not worth conducting all this promotion. Having 2,000 visitors each month won’t be effective if they arrive at a website that doesn’t look good and doesn’t convey trust. That’s why we take care of building and designing your site ourselves or giving it a design touch, to ensure it meets our standards and Google’s.


If a client approaches us only for website construction without organic promotion, we won’t take on that work.


Additionally, the price we charge for building the website is considered low because you’re not only getting the site built and designed, but also your project manager working with the site’s designer, providing feedback and making changes for you, at no additional cost. So, you won’t have much left to do to make the site go live.


Of course, after the site is delivered to you, you can request adjustments or changes, which we’ll be happy to carry out.

First and foremost, there is no commitment to a specific timeframe.


As a website promotion company that has been successful since 2015 in generating a significant number of inquiries that turn into transactions for many businesses every month, we’ve learned to have 100% confidence in our product. As a result, I have no doubt that you’ll be extremely satisfied with the service you’ll receive and with the revenue your business will earn each month due to the inquiries we generate for you.


Therefore, at the end of any month, you can inform us that you want to end the contract, and it will expire at the end of that month. After that, we can ensure that all the content, links, and work on the website that was pre-ordered will be implemented.


Additionally, at the end of the contract, if we reach that point, the articles, links, and work done on the website will remain yours, as explicitly stated in the work agreement.

I won’t say anything negative about our competitors because I truly don’t know what they offer and how they do things. We, at AgenDA, focus solely on ourselves. If you closely examine our price list, you’ll see that it includes everything your website needs – a complete package without requiring you to do anything.


We’ll write the content for your site, conduct all the necessary research, build backlinks, which are essentially recommendations for your site from other sites on the web. We’ll make sure to maintain and improve your site to make it user-friendly and pleasant, provide you with a CRM for managing inquiries, which can increase your transaction rates each month, and of course, we’ll set up SMS automations, so anyone who contacts you receives an immediate SMS with all the business details and more.


So, I’m not sure what others provide, but I’m certain about what we offer. I see that customers choose to stay with us month after month since 2015.


So, it seems like we’re doing something right.


Moreover, we’re not more expensive than anyone else. We simply make sure that within the price framework you’re paying, you receive everything you need to promote your website. Over 50% of the money you invest returns to your site in the form of articles, links, and more.


This is an investment you make in yourself every month. You’ll see your site continuously grow and develop, and accordingly, your business’s earnings are expected to rise accordingly.

If a customer calls you and receives a response, we want them to automatically receive an SMS after the call, something like, “Thank you for getting in touch with us at XYZ. Our business hours are as follows. For urgent inquiries, please contact us at this number. Here’s our website address: sample.co.il.”


This way, if they want to proceed but forgot who they spoke to, they’ll always have this in their SMS.


If a customer calls and the call goes unanswered, say they called on a Saturday evening, they’ll receive an SMS in a different format, saying something like, “Thank you for getting in touch with us at XYZ. We’ve received your inquiry and will get back to you as soon as possible.”


In essence, the customer will know that even though we didn’t answer their call, they’ve reached the right place and it’s worth waiting a bit for us to get back to them.


We do all this and more to help you close more deals every month.

When a user clicks on an ad, they perceive it as just that – an advertisement.


On the other hand, when they click on an organic result, they perceive it as a brand that Google chose to display specifically for them. This leads to more qualified leads that are more likely to convert into high-frequency transactions.


Additionally, every shekel spent on paid advertising disappears right after the click.


In contrast, with organic promotion, every shekel invested in your site contributes to the office’s marketing efforts and the number of inquiries you receive over many years.


Furthermore, with paid advertising, competitors can click on your ads to deplete your budget.


In contrast, with organic promotion, the more competitors click on your results, the more it contributes to your site.


Moreover, according to data published by Google themselves, over 60% of users skip paid ads and click on organic results.

When you work with us, you benefit from the expertise of dozens of individuals, not just one person. We are a company where all the website promotion specialists are here, along with department managers and even the owners – all contributing to your success and using their knowledge to benefit your project.


If you were to do it alone, you’d need to hire an SEO specialist who would make on-site adjustments for Google, write content that matches the content that needs to be on the site, handle professional link building, build sites to make the required changes, and more.


In short, instead of paying a salaried employee upwards of 10,000 ILS and adding additional costs, you can enjoy all the benefits we offer for only 5,000 ILS plus VAT, and you’ll also receive an invoice without employer-employee relations.


It’s much more cost-effective to work with us, and it’s reasonable to expect significantly better results.

On platforms like Facebook / Instagram / TikTok and similar ones, it’s us who chase after the customer. Most of the time, the customer is engaged in leisure activities or downtime rather than in a serious mode. As a result, the leads received are of very low quality, and at least 50% of people don’t even remember leaving their details.


In contrast, with organic Google promotion, the customer already knows what they want, and they are actively looking for us. We make sure to be in the most respected position, the top organic results on Google. This leads to much higher-quality leads, as the customer needs to take action to reach you.


If you still want to do paid advertising on Google or Facebook, I can refer you to competent professionals who specialize in just that.


In any case, I personally recommend prioritizing organic website promotion on Google above all else.

We are a company with over 125 employees, and we specialize in one thing: organic website promotion on Google. That’s it. Not Facebook, not Instagram, not email marketing, not TikTok… just one thing – organic promotion on Google. And we do it exceptionally well in Israel, as proven by our on-field results.


The reason we focus solely on organic Google promotion is that on other platforms, we are the ones chasing after the customer. In most cases, the customer is engaged in leisure activities or downtime rather than in a serious mode.


In contrast, with organic Google promotion, the customer already knows what they want, actively searching for us. We make sure to be in the most respected position, the top organic results on Google.


If you still want to do paid advertising on Google or Facebook, I can refer you to competent professionals who specialize in just that.


In any case, I personally recommend prioritizing organic promotion above all else.

Alright, I suppose there’s no point in continuing to explain the service itself to you. You’re likely already familiar with it. What I need you to do is regain your trust in organic promotion as an incredible marketing approach that has expanded the businesses of many of our clients and brought them new employees due to the increased workload they’ve received.


So, what we’re going to do is, if you could send us a message on WhatsApp to the number 058-714-8179, we will provide you with contact information for various clients from different fields who are currently working with us for organic promotion. You can call, introduce yourself, mention that you’re considering starting to work with Esheal for your organic promotion, and you’d like to hear a brief opinion from them about their current activities with Esheal – whether it’s cost-effective, if they’re getting inquiries, if deals are closing, etc.


After you receive responses from them, I have no doubt you’ll regain your belief in organic promotion. It’s a wonderful way to attract customers and new deals every month; you just need to know who to work with.

Just like a house needs a piece of land to sit on, and that piece of land is registered, every website needs a piece of virtual space to reside on, and that space is called web hosting. It’s essentially a virtual space where your website resides.


We take care of all the technical aspects so that your site is hosted on an excellent and fast server. The monthly payment for the server is actually included in the monthly retainer price for the organic promotion, so you don’t need to add any extra payment for hosting.

What we, as a company, guarantee is outlined in our price list and the work agreement, which is straightforward and can’t be interpreted in two ways. We commit to a certain amount of work, whether it’s a specific number of articles we’ll add to your site or a certain quantity of backlinks and the like. You’ll see what we’ve promised each month in the monthly report we send you.


These reports are kept, so even after half a year of promotion, you can review and see that you received what you were promised.


There’s no reality in which you won’t receive what was guaranteed. If such an improbable situation arises, we will simply provide you with a remedy, although that’s not something that’s supposed to happen.


In terms of results, we don’t commit to specific outcomes, as we’re not the owners of Google, and we can’t predict how Google will react to our actions. However, we can say that to date, the businesses we’ve promoted on Google have achieved excellent results.


Additionally, I can provide you with phone numbers of business owners who are already working with us. Feel free to ask them about the results we provide. After 2-3 such conversations, I’m sure you won’t have any doubts that we will deliver on our promises.

Our customer satisfaction rate is above 95%! Therefore, as a company that believes in its services, we work exclusively with satisfied customers! At any given stage, we can provide a notice of only 1 month after the completion of the contract, so we can input all the pre-written materials on the website and package the project properly, allowing you to continue managing the website on your own.

It depends on the subject your website deals with. In simpler niches, you can see significant results within about six months. In more complex niches, results can be expected to come in between 8 months to a year. Organic SEO indeed takes time, but it is the highest quality marketing channel among all platforms. Those who are already experiencing initial Google results in their field know that there is no more worthwhile channel. In any case, you’ll be a full participant in the process, seeing how your site receives content, backlinks, and work every month, leaving no doubt that we will achieve the desired results. We’re in the same boat with you.

Absolutely! Every customer we currently work with would be more than happy to have a conversation with you and share how satisfied they are. Shall we give it a try? Contact us now, and we’ll send you at least 5 customer references. If you’d like more, we’ll gladly provide them.

In everything we do as a company, we operate with full transparency, including pricing. Therefore, our complete website SEO pricing is published on this page. Try scrolling up a bit and you’ll easily find it.

Organic website promotion on Google is essentially making your website appear on the Google search engine when users search for phrases relevant to your site’s field of interest.


To make this happen, we first focus on making your site inviting and easy to use.


Then, we research what people are searching for within your field of interest on Google, and we write detailed answers to each question.


For example, if your site deals with workplace injuries, we will write and upload high-quality articles such as: How to file a workplace injury claim? How long does a workplace injury claim take to expire? What documents are important to keep before filing a workplace injury claim? Who can be sued for a workplace injury?, and more. This way, those searching for information on this topic will land on your site.


We formulate the answers in a way that encourages readers to reach out to you for consultation or service.


At the same time, we ensure that Google can easily scan your site, and we also build links to your site. This means that across the web, various sites will talk about yours, catching Google’s attention and raising your site’s profile.


In practice, this will bring visitors to your site who will then get in touch with you for your services, ultimately increasing your business revenue.

A conversion-oriented site is one that maximizes the percentage of visitors who take action – inquiries. In essence, the site gains the trust of visitors and encourages them to seek services from the site owner.


Some of the actions we take to make your site more accessible and authoritative, essentially more conversion-oriented:


We ensure the site is mobile-friendly and provides a prominent and easily accessible contact button (leave details / call).


We make sure every page of the site has a pair of eyes looking at the visitor, conveying reliability.


We ensure all business details, including opening hours, social media links, testimonials, etc., are located at the bottom of the site, called in professional jargon – footer.


For example:


If we have a site with 1,000 visitors per month, and it converts 25 visitors into inquiries, the conversion rate is 2.5%. This rate is the ideal conversion rate we aim for in legal sites, for example.

Our goal as a marketing company specializing in organic Google website promotion is to create an economically viable solution for each and every one of our clients, even if we already have clients in the same field. Meaning that, if we have two law firms, for example, both dealing with personal injury cases, we would want each firm to receive at least 100 inquiries per month within two years.


The conversion rate of a well-performing legal site is around 2.5%. Translated into numbers, this means that out of 1,000 visitors, 25 will inquire. This also means that 975 visitors didn’t connect with that site and decided to browse to another law firm’s site.


This is a natural process that happens in many fields where everyone gravitates towards a slightly different specialization. So, I’m not concerned even in the slightest that promoting more than one client in the same field will affect your clients.


Furthermore, we have a diverse team of project managers, and when there’s competition between two clients in the same field, it fosters healthy competition among the project managers, benefiting all clients.


In conclusion, even if you receive many inquiries every month, theoretically, are we promoting a colleague of yours?


We will ensure that your site ranks for 1,000 phrases within a year. This entails a tremendous amount of phrases. This means that even if someone else ranks above you for a specific phrase, there are many, many more phrases where we can place you at the top. The goal of your direct project manager and you is to have your site at the number 1 spot for as many relevant phrases as possible, and we’re not talking about just one or two phrases but dozens, even hundreds of phrases!

It takes about a year, and usually less, to reach 1,000 visitors per month on your site.


It takes a year and a half to reach 2,000 visitors per month.


It takes two years to reach 4,000 visitors per month.


The ideal conversion rate from traffic to inquiries is 2.5%.


Which means that within a year, you can expect around 25 inquiries each month.


Around a year and a half, you can expect around 50 inquiries per month.


Within two years, you can expect around 100 inquiries per month.


There are businesses in Israel that we promote that are already receiving over 350 inquiries per month. You can receive phone numbers to call and get testimonials from them. It usually takes a few years, but you can imagine the number of transactions they’re closing.


At this stage, they are already hiring additional employees due to the high demand we’ve created for them.


The ideal conversion rate between inquiries and transactions is 10%, and it largely depends on you.


This means that after a year, the firm is expected to close 2-5 transactions each month.


After a year and a half, the firm is expected to close 4-6 transactions each month.


After two years, the firm is expected to close 8-12 transactions each month.


All the numbers I’ve mentioned are based on past results of our clients and the data can vary from field to field based on demand. Moreover, there are clients who have achieved even more than the numbers I’ve mentioned above, as each field has its own dynamics.

You will notice the work on your site from the very first day of work, during your initial discussion with your dedicated project manager. Day by day, you’ll see your site taking shape, filling with content, and becoming more refined until it reaches the level of the leading sites in Israel that you’re familiar with in your field and beyond.


After about 4 months, you can start feeling the results with a few inquiries every month. From there, the number of inquiries per month will increase and grow. It takes a year to turn your site into a brand in its field, one that Google loves and values, driving traffic towards it. This is also the time for your business to receive 25-50 inquiries per month, from which around 2-5 transactions are expected to be closed.


After a year and a half, the site is expected to receive 50-75 inquiries, from which around 5-8 transactions are expected to be closed each month.


Within two years, the site is expected to receive 75-100 inquiries, from which around 7-12 transactions are expected to be closed each month.


Each subsequent month after two years, the number of inquiries is expected to increase significantly. At this point, the site has become an authority in the eyes of Google and what we want to put on it in terms of content and services that the business wants to provide will quickly reach the top positions on Google. This will allow the firm to grow and expand into other areas in line with your vision.

The ultimate goal of Google promotion is to generate more revenue for your business through closed transactions. To close transactions, we create a steady and reliable flow of inquiries to your site. But it won’t help if you receive phone calls all day; we need you to close transactions. Therefore, you will receive an easy-to-use interface where every call you receive will create a new line, allowing you to indicate whether the inquiry has been closed, or perhaps a meeting has been scheduled, or you need to follow up tomorrow, or the lead wasn’t relevant, etc. This way, you can track every lead, and you will be much wiser in relation to your business, understanding how much money the firm earns every month thanks to the organic promotion we’re conducting.


This is how the system looks from the inside, more or less:

מערכת לניהול לקוחות קידום אתרים

Our company generates over 3 million words every month, written by more than 100 professional content writers.


When we need to write content for a specific business, your direct project manager will choose the most suitable writer(s), those who have experience in your field. Some of them might even be talented students who work in writing.


It’s important to note that the content needs to be in a “common language” and not in a complex language, as the role of the content is to encourage visitors to contact you. Generally, simple content that is accessible to a wide audience, including both a casual reader and a more knowledgeable one, will do a better job and convert more visitors into inquiries that could potentially become transactions.


If you’d like, during your onboarding call with your project manager, you can request that all content be sent to you for approval before being published on the website.

We work with the best content writers, and in addition, we have 2 full-time content editors in the company whose role is to constantly improve the writing quality.


As part of your ongoing work with your project manager, you can try several different content writers in parallel and continue working closely with the one you like the most.


If, despite all, the writing quality doesn’t meet your expectations, you can choose during your onboarding call with your direct project manager to review the content before it’s published on the site.