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Full SEO services price list

We have no salespeople, only experienced Search Engine Optimizers, the results speak for themselves!

1,500$ /month
2,000$ /month
2,800$ /month
3,600$ /month
  • You can cancel the contract / switch between the different packages at any given moment subject to giving at net 30 EOM.
  • Building a new website / a significant facelift – at a cost of NIS 7,000.
  • Promotion of another language – an addition of NIS 3,500.
  • If you are a customer of the company, you can purchase additional content at a cost of 30 NIS per word, and links at a cost of 200 NIS per link, in order to strengthen the site.
  • Payment by credit only and at the beginning of each working month.
  • For customers with larger needs – a wider package will be adjusted.
  • The prices do not include VAT.