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10 commandments about content and SEO

Content quality

*** This post first and foremost contains my opinion on everything related to content for SEO, a super strong tip that will change the rules of the game for you, and 10 more tips on content ***


Content quality – let’s talk about that for a moment

In my opinion, Google has no way of knowing whether this is quality / non-quality content. It can only get impressions from 3 sources: analytics (if available on the website), chrome if the user has used this browser and CTR in its search engine.

Google can’t really understand whether what is written in the content of the website itself is quality or not, I got to see websites in the first results in competitive phrases with spam content (without mentioning names, in particular when one of them is a lawyer’s website).

I’ll give a live example from the field from my website that I promoted so as not to hurt anyone (“Sense Artist” – search Google, it shown at result 1). It is made up of 40 very miserable articles that cost me less than 10 pence per word… In fact, it was within Testing that I did to understand once and for all whether the content itself really matters or is it just to inflate the website and be relevant to more keywords… (By the way – testing, if you haven’t started trying any SEO topic, then you should start! It is true that if you are reading and interested it does shorten the way, but it is no substitute).


So, what did I do there that made Google rank me so well in so many phrases and rank it as “quality content”?

very simple:

I created a template where each article comes up with 3 interesting videos and pictures.

A user who accidentally came across one of the articles did not read the article at all (tested in HOTJAR), he simply played one of the videos, liked what he saw, laughed, enjoyed, also played the second and third and then – became a customer or left the website. At the end of the day if we talk in a promotional way – it turned out that he stayed on my website for about 10 minutes, sometimes even longer! And that’s a given that Google does know.

Now, the connection between what he experiences on the website and a “sense artist for Independence Day” which is for the purpose of the term he was looking for, is zero. Though if you do a Google search for the phrase “sense artist for Independence Day” you’ll find out for yourself how powerful this tip is…


A few more things about content

  1. Make a test, the average length of an article that appears in ideal places on Google is 1000 words, I personally usually use 1000 to 1500 words in the articles.
  2. Use titles and more important – learn when to use H2 and when to use H3 – it’s critical. Incorrect use can be harmful.
  3. At least one image (with Alt) per article. Of course, the images must be the right size and zipped. If you use your original photos – Google will reward you for it. (You can also download photos from Pixabay and edit them in Photoshop significantly to such a level that Google will not recognize them in its image search and then they will be considered original).
  4. The fact that Google has no way of knowing whether it is quality content or not – does not mean that your users have no way to differentiate. It is important that the content is as high-quality as possible within your time / budget. Many times it takes time to find talented content writers though if you keep searching and searching – you’ll find. You work hard and you found – believe it!
  5. Internal Links – critical critical critical! It is possible to diversify in anchors and anchors can not be varied. Unlike external links, there is no problem for all the anchors to be the same.
  6. External Links – Don’t be afraid of it! Article with external link to authoritative source – gets a better Google ranking than the same article without the same link. Checked and experienced. There is no need to be afraid to take out links.
  7. Your support websites also need quality content. You can call Fibian to satellite websites until tomorrow, in the end, if quality and unique content is there – it is a legitimate website for all intents and purposes, especially if the whole PBN talks about the same topic. Such cases can easily become a PBN that also grabs keyword ratings.
  8. Font. Don’t abuse your users – ensure the font is of reasonable size, noticeable over the background and that in the mobile version there are also margins on the sides of the font.
  9. Critical! The world is divided into 2 – people who care about what they have on the website, and people that all they care about are the leads and they don’t care what will be written on the website – the main thing for them is to bring leads. If you come across the first type of people – don’t goof around. For example, for most attorneys it is very important that the content that is uploaded to their website will be quality! Therefore, it is important to respect their request and to employ a lawyer who will write specific content for them. True, it costs more, though more money can also be charged.
  10. It’s important to emphasize – The purpose of the post is not to imply that content can be underestimated, not at all! But it is also important to understand that content is just a means of getting better metrics (mostly staying time).

If you have any other content tips – feel free to write them in response to the post.

Send a friend a link to the article, he must read it!
Send a friend a link to the article, he must read it!
Asael Dreyer
Asael Dreyer

CEO of a SEO and affiliation company with approximately 125 employees and hundreds of clients worldwide, founder of Digipharm - an online store for ordering content and backlinks for SEO professionals, leads the largest group of SEO professionals in Israel on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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