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How to build external links correctly

External links for beginners

External links are one of the most important parameters that affect your website’s ranking in Google and the various search engines and are one of the key evaluation metrics in Google’s algorithm, so understanding the link building process correctly and smartly is crucial.

Building links in a fast and unmeasured way can lead to damage and punishment from Google, as this should make the external link set process as natural as possible.

If the link building is done correctly, the website you are promoting will be able to gain a significant amount of extra power that will be a worthwhile weapon in any organic SEO process.


Why does Google ‘like’ links so much?

To understand the great importance that Google’s algorithm assigns to links, you must look at the Internet world as an endless galaxy that has millions of pages that can be relevant to any search query that Google searches. Google’s goal is to organize all the infinite information across the web in a way that will show the user the better result and the most valuable and relevant information for him.

In the real world, recommendations from people with authority are a great way to prioritize choices and decide between deliberations. Just as in the real world where recommendations or mentions from authority figures can promote you in business life, in the virtual world, external links are actually the recommendations or references your website receives. The higher the quality of the websites that link to your website, the more powerful and positive the link will become. Hence, the more authoritative the external links that your website receives from websites, the greater its legitimacy in Google’s eyes.


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Rules and metrics for evaluating website authority

The fact that the link’s impact is directly derived from the degree of website authority places us on an interesting issue: How can we classify the website’s authority? After all, the websites do not have the titles of ‘Doctor’, professor or any other degree that suggests to us the degree of authority. Fortunately, there are a number of software and tools that can help us understand the degree of authority of websites across the network.

The three most popular software programs that have independent metrics that are very well-known in the industry and that help us promote the website are:



One of the most popular tools on the market, having two independent metrics, TF-Trust Flow, which is a measure of website authority that reflects the quality of external links to the website, is a CF-Citation Flow index that generally reflects the amount of references or links to the website. Usually, to determine the degree of authoritarianism the website looks at the TF index and would like the website linking to us to have a TF of at least 15.



Another powerful tool that provides two independent metrics for website authority power: DR-Domain Rating that reflects the domain’s own authority strength and UR-Url Rating that reflects the power of a specific address within your domain.



MOZ are also huge in the field of organic SEO and have their own two metrics for evaluating the power of domains and pages. A DA-Domain Authority that measures the strength of any given domain and a PA-Page Authority that measures the strength of a particular page.


Methods for building a link array

After understanding the power and impact of links in Google’s eyes, and how to evaluate the power of linking websites, it’s time to explain how to get links to your website.


External websites

A great website has written an article on the subject that you are an expert in and have any existing professional material that can enrich their content? Did you find on Google an old article related to the topic you are trying to promote and you can add relevant information for them? Time to contact them. Thousands of methods and wording go about how to do it elegantly around the web, though the better way is the simplest. Send an email to the website owner or article writer with a link to the material that appears on your website and may be relevant to them. This is one of the best and most effective methods for getting links.


Link exchange

Many website promoters exchange links between their client websites and there is a constant backstage negotiation of links between the promoter community.


Buy links

You can purchase links and PR articles from major websites and get visibility that can help you enjoy website traffic and of course the power of the link. In addition, there are ‘promotional websites’ of SEO promoters who have purchased very authoritative domains and offer links from these websites in exchange for payments.


Link scheduling

It is very important to schedule the link building to look as if it was done naturally and without a deliberate hand, so the links should be built gradually and moderately and Google’s warning lights should not be turned on. Excessive link building can damage your website’s results. In addition, at the same time as the link building process, it is important to write and publish quality content on the website that you are promoting. Asymmetric progress in the field of linking without adding content can also be problematic.


What to watch out for in the link building process?

External links are a great weapon for any website promoter or business that wants to promote the website independently if the process is done in a smart, moderate and controlled way. Don’t build links too aggressively and quickly, and of course you will build a large amount of links from questionable websites. The quality of the linking websites is far more important than the number of websites. It’s important to remember that the entire organic website promotion process is much slower and patient, so patience is needed on this topic (as opposed to Google-sponsored advertising, where the results come immediately).


In conclusion,

Link building is a necessary process in almost every organic SEO, it is advisable to do it in a controlled way and prioritize the budget allocated to the topic for quality websites over a number of spammy websites and carefully choose which websites you turn to.

The article is shared by Eyal Rachamim Digitech CEO of Internet Marketing and SEO blog writer SEOLINKS, ranked in the first results in organic search on Google with the phrase “SEO promoter”, a 10-year college professor with Internet marketing experience, officially certified by Google Adwords.

Send a friend a link to the article, he must read it!
Send a friend a link to the article, he must read it!
Asael Dreyer
Asael Dreyer

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