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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pricing

SEO pricing is one of the most important things for a SEO company! A promotion company / promoter who does not know how to price themselves properly, will soon find themselves either jobless or with a business that loses money every month. So, what is actually affected by the amount I ask from a potential customer? Why would one customer hear 4000 plus VAT while another customer would hear 14,000 plus VAT?


Confession and long and interesting introduction, don’t be lazy!

First of all, I have a confession. I have never believed in promoting my personal website as a SEO on Google, mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. I was 100% convinced that whoever promotes his website to such a level that it is on the first page – leaves no time for promoting his clients. (Just the understand of maybe not having the time to promote my clients has creeps me…)
  2. I imagined that customers coming from the Internet were Type C customers and they would just waste time on the phone and not close deals, and to tell you the truth – I didn’t really imagine. The main reason why I was convinced that customers from the Internet = waste of time was that conversations I made with quite a few promotional companies were told that it is very difficult to close customers who come through the internet and a customer who pays 3000 NIS a month is considered good! This is not where I was aiming…

The sharpest among us probably asking themselves, “How could it be against a SEO blog promotion but I am currently in his blog which is as of 13.12.18 in the 2nd result under the phrase” Organic SEO “in Google? (And if you are even sharper, then You’ve probably already noticed that the word “diagnosis” at the beginning of the paragraph is misspelled…:]).

So why did I set up a SEO blog anyway

So, the truth is that I created this blog just for one reason: I – M – A – G – E!

I don’t get that idea that I’m actually sitting in front of the owner of one of the biggest brands / companies in the country who are interested in my services and I tell him I’m the person who is capable of taking his company website to heaven, but in fact – I haven’t promoted my personal website… in this world of SEO, this sentence “The shoemaker goes barefoot” instant believe in the hearts of the customers “So the shoemaker will go to buy himself Timberland…”

So, alertness and sharpness on my part gave me the opportunity to acquire a domain with a respectable seniority is digifull-seo.com – (this is the domain you are in right now), and I decided this was the opportunity to take my business one step further.

My website promotion went live on 13.8.18 – the day I also started promoting it. The truth that surprised me, too, was that the blog came in 2nd and respected with the phrase “organic SEO” on Google within about 100 days, along with a few other phrases (“website promoter”, “SEO services” and more …), but it turns out that if working properly – Google know how to reward back.

Though the next thing I’m going to tell you – this is the biggest and most significant surprise for me: Customers who comes from the Internet are great customers!!! In the last two weeks, which are basically the only two weeks in which my website has taken up positions on Google, I have closed 2 organic SEO website marketing deals of 5,000$ each, 2 businesses with low to medium competition.

True, there also was a call from someone who wants to open a coffee shop (she is not sure yet), the place does not yet exist, a website of course doesn’t exist … and a few other similar calls that wasted me a little time. Though there are also quantities of treasures.

You are probably asking yourself, why am I telling you the truth at all and not what the big promotion companies are saying? What am I trying to make another competition for myself in Google? So, the answer is I’m not afraid of competition, on the contrary – I’m all for competition! Fair competition, one that leads to creativity and innovation, and how to say … the better will win!

So that was my little confession along with an introduction to the topic, and now, ladies and gentlemen, distinguished audience and dear guests, get the six parameters that affect the bids I give my clients, from the most influential to the most neglected:


Business profit potential

Well, I’m sure this surprised some of you, but this parameter in my priority list is in first place, and it has the most impact on the bid price I give my clients. The marketing that I do to the client directly increases the profits of his business, and when it starts to rain, everyone gets wet (or put simply – if the business owner grows my credit, I want to enjoy it, too) and so, I will not price the promote of a small business that sells stationery in the same way for a business that makes engagement rings and jewelry. Likewise, I will not trade the rings and jewelry business as I do tomorrow for a large and well-known investment house.


Customer expectations

In my initial meeting with the client, I will try to write down the business owner’s expectations in the work process in front of me. I ask him in the most direct way possible in the first trimester of the meeting: “What will make you coronate my service as a success”? For example, if the client wants to be the first only if search for his or her company name or one of the employees or his or her first name – there is no reason why he would pay more than 3,000 NIS a month even if he promotes a gold mining website (unless the name of one of the employees needs to be promoted It’s Benjamin Netanyahu, or Yossi Benyun or something like that and then it’s another saga…:])

In contrast, if he expects to be on the first page of the phrase “auto insurance” within up to a year – less than 50 thousand per month is out of the question.


The vibe with the customer

The main obstacle to any SEO business is dealing with customers. We don’t want to be a customer service standard all day, and I’m currently talking mostly about private SEO promoters. If I get the impression on a particular customer that he is going to keep me busy a lot and waste valuable time – I will resume working with him accordingly. Most often it would double the amount I would have asked if it would have seemed nice to me to have a nice job with him.


Competitiveness and investment required

I believe on this subject I should less expand. Very simple: I test which websites are currently ranked in the client’s niche keywords, analyze them with tools like Ahrefs and Majestic, and make a decision with myself on how hard it will be to promote the client website and what it will take from me. In accordance with the findings – the bid goes up / down.


Customer History

Let’s have it on the table for a moment. We all sell “organic promotion”. One sells his promotion for 2000 NIS and the other sells for 5000 NIS. In 2 cases, the customer allegedly received the same product: “Organic SEO”. So, when a customer comes to me after smashed him in 3 different promotion companies for a year each, with promises from here to the God of Google but nada results in the field – a little hard to sell him “Organic SEO” again … In this situation, there are 2 options:

  1. The customer has previously paid a very low amount and received no results, for some reason he believes that good results can be achieved (usually because he has heard that a competitor is making full money thanks to Google) and is willing to pay more for it. In such a situation, a deal can be closed, and more than that – the customer will appreciate the service and pay with love and bonuses (yes yes, I have already received a voucher bonus for a good job:]).
  2. The customer paid a significant amount (over 3000, for example 3500) and received no results. In that case, if I think I can take this project and it interests me – if I thought to price the customer for NIS 5,000, I would also close with it at 4200 if needed. It will cost up to 5000, and I don’t want to miss it, so I’ll make sure the price rises to 20%. Did I already said I hate SEO companies that sell air?!


Niche interest

There are niches that are interesting and nice to promote (anyone said Kamgra already?), Each one and his interests. I’m not saying that if someone is promoting a rocket science website and it’s a topic that really doesn’t interest me – then I’ll raise the price for it. Definitely not! Though, and here comes serious though! For example, if it promotes a website that speaks to innovation and creativity, which really interests me, which makes me want to close the deal – I can actually drop a few hundred shekels from what I believe it would cost.

Some rules of thumb to conclusion:

  1. Appreciate yourself and your work! If you do not evaluate yourself today, you will get stuck with non-paying customers, you will not have enough budget to buy links, and both you and the customer will be frustrated. A project for less than 3,000 NIS monthly retainer, or if I really take it far – 2500 NIS monthly retainer – in most cases not really worth taking. It may seem tempting for a moment but closing such a deal is actually a shot in your own leg. Only my opinion and everyone will do what they see fit, which may surprise some of you who do not believe in it, but there are plenty of clients who will be happy to get a good job and pay between 5,000 NIS and 13,000 NIS monthly retainer and sometimes even more! If you feel that you are a great in the field and have succeeded in promoting websites in competitive niches but you are unable to close deals – go for a sales course! It is well-known that self-employed people need to know how to do everything, the fact that you know how to promote websites does not mean that at the end of the month you will receive a 6-digit salary as you wish. Need to know how to market, sell, promote, manage employees and more … I personally go to all kinds of lectures in the context of sales and I love Rami Deborah lectures, search him on google.
  2. Wise his eyes in his head! I’d rather be a little uncomfortable looking into the customer’s eyes at the time of sale when I present him the price I believe he should pay and with which I can promote and bring him to its goals (I feel fine with that, though that’s for the metaphor), rather than pricing myself in a low price and after a year I really wouldn’t be comfortable looking the customer in the eyes …
  3. Don’t be afraid to give up on customers. It’s important to remember that where you intend to go – you will get there! In this business we mainly sell our time, and there is no endless time! It’s a shame to close your journal for customers who aren’t paying well. If you take 2000 NIS deals for that matter, you will quickly find yourself drowning in a job that will earn you 20,000 NIS for promoting 10 websites and that is before expenses. On the other hand, if you price yourself as high as you deserve – enough that you have 4 customers of 5,000 NIS each and you have reached the same amount with much less work and more important – more likely that customers will be satisfied and get what they were promised (invest in 4 clients is much more efficient than 10).
  4. If you are just starting out in the field – don’t be afraid to take projects also in the amount of 1500 NIS (not less, certainly not for free! Don’t work for free, unless there is a justifiable reason such as volunteering for a nonprofit company, etc.).

And in the end, be good people, there is enough work for everyone, always keep reading and get smarter because from all of my teachers – I educated! Happy New Year and Yalla Hapoel!

Send a friend a link to the article, he must read it!
Send a friend a link to the article, he must read it!
Asael Dreyer
Asael Dreyer

CEO of a SEO and affiliation company with approximately 125 employees and hundreds of clients worldwide, founder of Digipharm - an online store for ordering content and backlinks for SEO professionals, leads the largest group of SEO professionals in Israel on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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