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How to use titles correctly for organic SEO

A brief explanation of the proper use of titles for organic promotion – post opinion

The Internet is blown up to 0 places in information. By contrast, Google’s bots that crawl the sites are limited in their resources and so – they need to access the information in such a way that it is easy for them to understand what our page is talking about. One of the things that helps robots understand what the article is talking about is using headlines.

There are 6 types of titles when we usually use H1 H2 H3 and rarely H4.

It is very important to understand the meaning of these headlines, I have often been optimized for sites that came to me from another site promoter and the use of headlines was completely wrong.

Of course, external links are a super critical parameter in the process of SEO, but that’s not all! A headline-free website, in most of the cases, will not go anywhere. So-called nuts have no teeth.

Each page should have only one H1 header. If the page is built in such a way that there is a mobile version and a desktop version (most often pages built by various older builders) – the bots can recognize it and there is no problem with it, even if some software says there is H1 twice, I tested the subject and it is correct.

Then there are the H2 and H3. Of course, the next subhead will be H2, but here comes the cachet. The page may not have only one H3 header, otherwise it should have been H2. The idea of ​​H3 is to actually give subtitles to H2 and if there is only one subtitle (H3) – there is no reason to divide the headlines and it is already better to give it H2 and that is it.

There’s a small tendency to push keywords into the titles, it’s important to do so tastefully. The most effective thing you can do is use synonyms in headlines. Google also loves using numbers. (In fact, Google doesn’t really like the numbers, but the users love them, which causes an increase in CTR, which makes Google love us more).


Example of proper use of titles

Title H1: Medical Negligence Lawyer No. 1 in the country for 2018.

Title H2: When should I contact a Medical Malpractice attorney?

Title H2: How many negligence claims are accepted each year?

Title H3: How many of those claims that doctors who failed miserably do win?

Title H3: This is how you will know whether it is worth for you to file a negligence claim.

Title H3: In summary, here are some things to remember:

Everything written in this post is just an opinion. I am sure (and it is good) that there are promoters who work differently, this is my way of working, and if I was able to help even 1 person in this group – I did mine. It is always important to remember that there are so many businesses in Israel (and in the world!) That need promotion services, so that there is enough work for everyone, the more we love each other for free, the better for us all.

If something was unclear or had questions about the subject – you can write in the comments and I will try to answer them all.

Good Luck! Asael.

Send a friend a link to the article, he must read it!
Send a friend a link to the article, he must read it!
Asael Dreyer
Asael Dreyer

CEO of a SEO and affiliation company with approximately 125 employees and hundreds of clients worldwide, founder of Digipharm - an online store for ordering content and backlinks for SEO professionals, leads the largest group of SEO professionals in Israel on Facebook and WhatsApp.

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